“Big documents don't change the way we think. It is critical that we have experiences that make us immersed, make us feel.” 

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An experiential futures approach integrates diverse disciplinary perspectives and knowledge, with the aim of reconfiguring the present to experience rather than merely imagine preferable futures that foster flourishing with technologies. We work with students, community, government, industry partners, and other stakeholders to experiment with ideas and develop methodologies that stimulate imagination and foster dialogue about desirable future trajectories across sectors.


The highly textured nature of an experiential futures approach enables participants to co-create and try out alternative futures, to notice and develop impressions of soft impacts of technological developments. By inviting participants to consider concrete actions, actors, and objects within embedded and embodied contexts, an experiential futures approach helps us to move beyond abstractions that stifle thinking about the future. This allows participants to take better-informed positions towards new technology developments beyond hype and clichés.​By developing a scholarly approach to experiential futures methodologies we wish to contribute to the co-development of responsible innovation frameworks, as well as ethical design, evaluation, and governance of emerging technologies.


The newly established xFutures Lab is situated in the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation (FTDi) at University of Technology Sydney. 


Dr Nicole Vincent 

Dr Nicole Vincent's work has spanned the fields of neuroethics, neurolaw, bioethics, philosophy of law, philosophy and ethics of emerging technologies, political philosophy, public policy, media, feminism, gender, and happiness.

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Dr Susanne Pratt

As a researcher, educator, artist and techno-scientific muser Dr Susanne Pratt explores how creative practice can foster social and environmental responsibility, with an emphasis on improving environmental health and collective flourishing. Her creative work has been internationally exhibited in various forms, including digital storytelling, convergent media installations, site-specific sound works, urban design proposals and participatory events.

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Gierdre Kligyte

Giedre Kligyte brings her expertise in creative, participatory and transdisciplinary approaches to curriculum design and teaching to xFutures Lab. As a co-founder, Giedre wishes to contribute to research and practice that aims to explore how futures approaches can develop participants’ imagination and creativity, as well as foster agency, responsibility and dialogue about ethics in innovation within the broader society. Giedre draws on her 14 years of experience of working in a range of Higher Education contexts to address the complex challenge of educating students for the future.

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Dr Barbara Doran

Barbara Doran (PhD) specialises in identifying creative opportunities and putting them in action. She is an experienced speaker, mentor, educator, project innovator and artist. Her skills are drawn from working across the arts, the tertiary sector, and with project experience in the private, public and community sectors which bring together practical, scholarly, imaginative, playful and collaborative outcomes. She works with all kinds of people and organisations including private, public and community organisations and one to one with accomplished and aspiring creative individuals. In addition to lecturing at UTS she is a consultant to NIDA and runs a creativity consultancy. She previously lectured at Western Sydney University and UNSW.

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Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall is an award winning creative and transmedia storyteller, with a passion for technology. She is the founder of If Labs, a company that explores our imagined futures through workshops, events and experiences. Her most recent work includes designing an audio tour of the future for the World Wildlife Fund, creating and curating the Human Robot Friendship Ball for the Vivid festival and running the UTS Creative Cluster workshops in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain for Social Good and the Future of Journalism. 

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